Biology 446 - Unsolved Problems in Cell Biology - Fall 2011

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Review Questions for Final Exam [posted November 30th]
As of 1:40 pm December 3rd, the list is now complete. No more questions will be added.

A typo was fixed in question 5, and a link was added to question 27, on Tuesday afternoon at 3:50 pm. A comment was also added at the beginning of the question list.

Minimization of Energy [posted November 29th; illustrations added December 1st]

Spontaneous Rearrangement [posted November 16th]

Ossification [posted November 7th]

Some micrographs and diagrams pertinent to collagen and cartilage [posted November 3rd]

Cartilage [posted November 1st; some more text added November 6th]

Electro-osmosis, from last year's course [posted November 2nd]

Notes on October 26th discussion [posted October 26th]

The Dreaded Erroneous Research Paper Assignment [posted October 10th]

Web links on the discovery of Helicobacter pylori as the cause of gastric ulcers [posted October 9th; revised October 12th]

Next Assignment: Cell Sorting [posted October 7th; updated October 31st]

"Recognizing Self" [posted October 5th]

Biology 441 page on Cancer [posted October 3rd]


Do Cancer Cells Grow Faster? [posted September 30th, slightly modified October 1st 9 pm]

Development of the Immune System, from Biology 441 site



Previous Assignments

First graded assignment: Library and web search for cancer treatments


Reading assignment for Friday, September 2:

    NATURE CELL BIOLOGY | LETTER (advance online publication)
    by David F. Kashatus et al.
    web link

To get the full article , you will first need to log into the UNC library system. From select e-journals, then enter Nature Cell Biology in the search box. Choose "Nature Journals Online" and sign in with your Onyen ID. (If you can't get this to work, please contact us.)

Reading assignment for Friday, September 9:

López-Lázaro, M. (2008). The Warburg effect: why and how do cancer cells activate glycolysis in the presence of oxygen? Anticancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry 8(3), 305-312.
LINK (requires UNC login)


Reading assignment for Wednesday, September 7:

Munevar, Wang and Dembo (2001). Traction force microscopy of migrating normal and H-ras transformed 3T3 fibroblasts. Biophysical Journal 80, 1744-1757.

Graded assignment: Foundations of Misunderstanding in Immunology [posted September 25th]
          This assignment should be done by pairs of students working together.

The assignment was due on Monday, October 3rd.