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Teaching assistants: Marta Szmacinski and Amanda Whitlock


Summer office hours by appointment at whatever time you and I can arrange.
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Textbook: "Principles of Development" Lewis Wolpert and Cheryll Tickle Fourth Edition, Oxford U. Press
(This book is so expensive, you might consider buying either the second or third edition of Wolpert, instead.)


1) Mon. Jan 9 Sea Urchin (pp. 233-243) Frog and Mammal Development (Chapter 3 pp. 93-100; lecture notes
2) Wed. Jan 11 Bird and Teleost Development; (Chapter 3; pp 100-113); lecture notes
3) Fri. Jan 13 Gastrulation. Formation of Body Axes. Ectoderm, Mesoderm, Endoderm (Chapter 4)
Mon. Jan 16 Holiday
4) Wed. Jan 18 Extraembryonic Membranes; Three different mechanisms of identical twinning.
5) Fri. Jan. 20 The many different kinds of symmetry. Mechanisms for becoming LESS symmetrical ( lecture notes)
  lecture notes on positional information
  lecture notes on formation of germ layers updated 1/26/12
  lecture notes on the "French flag" problem
  lecture notes on formation of differentiated cell types
  diagram of morphogenetic cell movements
6) Mon. Jan. 23 Experimental Embryology, Historical advances in concepts (Chapter 1: Pages 1-34)
  notes on regulative and mosaic development, and some history
7) Wed. Jan. 25 Nervous System (Chapter 5: Pages 173-214)
8) Fri. Jan. 27 Nervous System (Chapter 5: Pages 173-214)
9) Mon. Jan. 30 Somites (Chapter 5: Pages 173-214)
  Biology 441 study group: search Facebook for UNC BIOL441
11) Fri. Feb. 3 Morphogenesis and Mechanics (Chapter 8: Pages 289-328)
  lecture notes on reaction-diffusion systems
12) Mon. Feb. 6 Morphogenesis and Mechanics (Chapter 8: Pages 289-328)
  lecture notes on Holy Grails and Riddles of the Sphinx
  lecture notes on computer simulations
  Dictyostelium video by John Tyler Bonner
13) Wed. Feb. 8    
14) Fri. Feb. 10 Ectoderm lecture notes
15) Mon. Feb. 13  
16) Wed. Feb. 15 Somatic ectoderm lecture notes
  a diversion on Hans Driesch
  ship in a bottle
  another slime mold video
  some links about feather germs and other recent topics
17) Fri. Feb. 17    
18) Mon. Feb. 20 Mesoderm and Endoderm  
  links to some videos showing somite formation and other aspects of development
  explanations of somite formation
19) Wed. Feb. 22 Heart Development, Kidneys lecture notes
20) Fri. Feb. 24 Hox Gene Transcription Patterns  
21) Mon. Feb. 27 Plant Development (Chapter 7, pp. 255-258)
  background on cellular automata, for this week's lab sessions
Cell Automata Java program
  review questions for second exam (more were added on March 6th and March 8th. also on March 16th)
  figures to review for second exam
22) Wed. Feb. 29 Plant Development (Chapter 7, pp. 255-258)
23) Fri. Mar. 2 Plant Development lecture notes - - added March 15
24) Mon. Mar. 12 Bioengineering lecture notes
25) Wed. Mar. 14 Bioengineering  
26) Fri. Mar. 16 Bioengineering     web page:  Electroosmosis Causes Cartilage to Expand
  A few more notes on tensors, in relation to cartilage formation and other things
28) Wed. Mar. 21 Cartilage images of cartilage, collagen, arteries
29) Fri. Mar. 23 Bone lecture notes
30) Mon. Mar. 26 Nerve axon guidance and specificity of connection images and notes - more text was added March 27th
31) Wed. Mar. 28 Nerve axon guidance and specificity of connection  
32) Fri. Mar. 30 Nerve axon guidance and specificity of connection  
33) Mon. Apr. 2 Limb bud development  
34) Wed. Apr. 4 Limb development lecture notes
Fri. Apr. 6 Good Friday Holiday  
  review questions for third exam  
35) Mon. Apr. 9 Limb development  
37) Fri. Apr. 13 Cell differentiation and stem cells lecture notes
38) Mon. Apr. 16 Metamorphosis (Chapter 13: Pages 505-534; lecture notes)
39) Wed. Apr. 18 Aging (Chapter 13: Pages 505-534; additional figures)
40) Fri. Apr. 20 Development of the immune system; autoimmune diseases (Chapter 15; lecture notes)
41) Mon. Apr. 23 Evolution and Development (Chapter 15: Pages 556-585)
42) Wed. Apr. 25 Cancer: A breakdown of embryological mechanisms (Chapter 15: Pages 556-585; lecture notes )
  review questions since third exam - the list is now complete  
  Wednesday 3:30 pm: a statement about exam content and grading has been added to this list of review questions.
Friday April 27 FINAL EXAM 8:00 A.M.  !  


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